Monday, January 24, 2011


I feel like I don't have much to post yet about this experience. Right now we are just waiting for the months to pass and saving money like crazy. I am CD3 today so it's just another cycle. I will be doing my 3day blood work at CCRM in February so that is my next step. At that point I will hopefully get my calendar for our egg retrival in April. I am slightly concerned with my FSH as it has been tested twice now at 8.9 & 9. I know that is on the higher end as they like to see it below 10-11. I have asked several times if they were concerned and they said not a all. I do like the fact that they make me feel like our case it easy but I wish I truley felt that way. As of December they told me I did not need to do the clomid challenge. 
I know when the time comes for all the shots and other fun stuff I will post tons of pictures.

Monday, January 10, 2011

If at first you don't conceive

I may be a little late on reading "If at first you don't conceive" written by Dr. William Schoolcraft but better late than never. I must admit I didn't even know he wrote a book. I will say I wish I would have read it before this entire process but I will say the infertility clinic in Arizona I picked out was amazing. I didn't waste any money with them as they found out what was wrong right away and suggested we go to CCRM. Dr. Schoolcraft is not my doctor but he is the Director at CCRM.One number from the book that shocked me was that there are "7.3 million woman and their partners in the US that are unable to have children from infertility challenges". I will report on the book again after I finish it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

So Excited For 2011

I am happy that 2010 is behind us and now we have 2011 to look forward to. I know this year will be a busy one for us since we are planning on doing the ER in April. I feel like it's right around the corner. I am so glad we are waiting to start all of this because it  really helps husband and myself prepare mentally, physically and financially. We are waiting to do the 3 day blood draw until February because we are going to actually do it at CCRM. Husband's friends invited us to stay free at a house in Vail and it just so happens that it's during my cycle. I guess that works out...husband will also provide one of 3 back up samples.