Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Road Ahead

It is so weird going to another clinic, especially when I was and still am really happy with CCRM. Nobody will even compare to CCRM, the facilities, doctors...costs. Thankfully technology has improved over the last several years and more places are able to do chromosome testing, which is what we need.

Looks like we will begin everything in February and egg retrieval will be scheduled around March 24th. I can't even wrap my head around any of it especially since we might do two egg retrievals...UGH!!!!

We received the most amazing news, my husband's sperm is twice as better than when we did IVF before, that was my biggest worry. The swimmer's improved from 6% to 13%, still horribly abnormal but more swimmers means more/better sperm to choose from.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Going back for more!?!?!?!?!

So we could quite possibly doing this again. I go in Thursday for my CD3 ultrasound to see what is left on these ovaries. I am not getting any younger, which I am very happy about in my life except for the fact that you start to product less eggs, other than that I loved getting older.

So, if anyone reads this anymore and knows of anyone that is selling IVF meds please let me know. I would love to save money where I can this time around. I will find out more of what I need but I am sure gonal-f will & menopur. I know most of everyone I followed before is either pregnant (naturally) or have moved on with their babies. I know you are not supposed to buy or sell but whatever...

I leave you with some pics of my love, time moves so quickly and I wish I could just make it stop!