Thursday, March 24, 2011


Ok I did it, I finally tried acupuncture today. I am not too sure how I feel about it. The lady was very nice, not pushy or anything. I can't say I enjoyed it or it made me more relaxed but perhaps it did. I also can't say I didn't like it. Probably the only part I didn't like was trying to relax, but that is why I tried acupuncture I have a hard time relaxing and lettting my mind go. I don't like massages, I don't take naps I just go, go, go. I told her the only thing that makes me feel relaxed is running and lifting weights. I also do pilates but it is chair pilates so it is a lot of hard work. I just liked to push my body to work hard and that's what feels good. She said she gave me a needle that will make me run 3 miles longer and I really like that! She suggested to see her every week. I will probably only go twice a month and then when we prepare for the FET I will go every week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So our nurse email me and said our protocal is called a "Lupron-40" or "Micro-dose lupron". I can't get my calendar yet because my local office has not sent all the bloodtest results yet so I am going there today to pick those up to send myself. When it comes to all this infertility stuff you really need to take charge and not rely on anyone to get the job done. I have never done IVF before and don't know much about protocals. If anyone has any comments about my protocals let me know.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The next cycle

CCRM was fine with us starting in May. As much as I want to get the ER process completed it just wasn't going to work with our schedules. I sure hope the cyst will disappear by then. I may call my local OB to do an ultrasound just to see if it is still there and if so to measure the size. So my next cycle will start April 12th and with that we will start the process. I am still so super nervous and anxious. We are doing genetic testing so I am nervous to hear what the results will be and just hoping for a few good ones. I know I should think positive and not stress. I have not done or tried acupuncture and I am thinking about doing it next week to see what it's all about. I am not sure it is for me as I do not even like to get massages. Maybe it will help me relax because I am always go, go, go.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mixed Feelings

I am feeling anxious, scared and busy. Today I email our nurse and asked if we could push back our ER until the next cycle. I can't believe I would do something like that (especially since I have that cyst and it could grow) but husband and I are just too busy in April and can't even find time to break away. I have not and will not be telling anyone at work what we are doing. So that makes it difficult to take time off too. I did contact HR and told them and they said I am not obligated to tell anyone and I can request off sick time while I am off, so that is good.  It will be hard not telling co-workers why I am gone; I plan on saying that I am having female stuff done. No one should suspect anything especially since I am having a FET. We have decided the fewer people that know the better. People just don't understand and I also don't want to be answering questions all the time.
On a side note, this whole IVF thing happened so fast for us. Here is a breakdown. We didn't start trying until May 2010 (yep last year). I knew something was wrong by July. I know only 3 months of trying is nothing but I just had this feeling something was wrong. I skipped my local Gyno stuff and just called an RE and schedule an appointment. By August we knew that IVF was the only way to go. In September we found out that my husband is a Robertsonian Translocation Carrier (A type of chromosome rearrangement. One in about 900 babies is born with it) and that we would need genetic testing. Our local RE referred us to CCRM and here we are. Everything has been happening just so fast. Will one more month help me feel any better, well that is what just feels right. May feels right and I am going to stick with my feelings since is helped me in the past. Let’s hope CCRM is OK with my feelings.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Ok, so...this cyst thing has been bothering me so I emailed our CCRM nurse and asked her if she really thought we would be able to start stims April 1st. She responded by saying, "Patients usually cannot start stims if they have a cyst that is greater than 15mm.
Have a great weekend." I have no idea how big it is but can't do an ultra sound until March 30 , after AF arrives. I am fine with starting in May but damn cyst is really pissing me off.