Saturday, November 17, 2012

Work, Baby, Exercise, Childcare

I started our family blog a couple weeks ago but when I went to log into it the other night to fix it up a bit, I couldn't find it anywhere. So weird!!!! I was using Wordpress so not sure what is up with that. I will figure it out soon. I really want to document Logan's life better.
  • Work: I started back to work full-time on October 29th. I am doing OK but miss Logan tons!!!! Everything we talk about at works seems so meaningless. I wonder if that will change?! I have to work because we need the insurance, I work for Parks & Recreation (yes, like the show but way more fun). My benefits are amazing, not amazing as in, they pay for IVF, but everything else is covered. I am looking ahead to our next FET, which insurance covers the meds for that and all the blood work and ultrasounds during those first 13 weeks.
  • Baby Logan is amazing! Everyday, I mean everyday, we can't believe it. We just love him so very much. Logan is a BIG boy, he is currently wearing 6months onesie. I don't know his exact measurements but he weights about 18lbs and is 26 inches long.  He sure doesn't look like a 3 month old. I recently purchased 9months Christmas sleepers.  Sleep is going GREAT!!!! I think is he almost ready to sleep through the night. We read several books and did Babywise. I know there is a lot of controversy out there about it but we really didn't follow it exactly, we let Logan set his own routine after a little guidance. Basically the schedule goes like this: Eat, Play, Sleep. From the time he eats until he sleeps he is usually up 1.5hrs then he takes 2-3 hour naps. Right now he is waking up one time around 4pm to nurse and then sleeps until 8am sometimes 9am. This kid loves to sleep! Breastfeeding is going well, I don't enjoy the pumping at work some days I have long meetings and get really full, not fun!
  • Exercise: After the first week of work I didn't think I would be able to ever run again. It was hard trying to figure out a schedule between the 3 of us, but I finally did it. For the last 2 weeks I have been running on Tuesday/Thursday @ 6am and Saturday/Sunday around 7-8am. I am finally running 3 miles without stopping. I do weights twice a week. It feels great to slowing getting back to the old me! I still don't fit into my pre-pregnancy pants but we are getting there! 
  • Childcare: My husband works from home so he is doing the daddy daycare thing. He wouldn't be able to do it if Logan didn't sleep more than half the day. We know that won't last forever so we plan on getting a nanny 3 days a week.
I promise I am reading all of your blogs! I will also post a post-baby body pic soon!