Saturday, February 11, 2012


I finally graduated from CCRM on Thursday! We are very excited.  Like I said before I am so happy to not have to do the weekly blood draws, they were a huge pain mainly because I always did them before I went to work to avoid anyone wondering what I was up to.
Today I am 13.2 weeks. The bump is growing but it is pretty small right now so I will post pics when you can tell it's actually a bump and not me eating too much. I finally told everyone at work and all of our friends & family know. Next week I have my monthly OB check up but those are pretty boring. We won't get to see this one again until 18 weeks at the anatomy scan. We can't wait to find out what it is!

Here are my results after a week of no hormone support.
E2: 1805
P4: 23

Friday, February 3, 2012

Off All Meds

I finally get to stop all meds. I am so super excited. I am not even scared anymore. I am so excited to not to have to remember to take them, I don't have to go to the pharmacy anymore and I most importantly don't have to have weekly blood draws! I guess I should say I have 1 more blood draw next week to make sure everything still looks good. Numbers keep going up. I don't officially graduate from CC.RM until after next weeks blood draw.

E2: 1261
P4:  31

It's February, that means there are a lot of ladies getting ready for PUPO! So excited for you all!