Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have been waiting a long time to say that. I currently on bed rest at our hotel downtown Denver. A snowstorm is coming tonight and tomorrow and I am so excited! I must say I am so glad we stay here instead of Lone Tree. Even though I am confined to the bed, there are a lot more options for food and I am enjoying the view from my room.
Here is the most amazing pic ever, I just can't stop staring at it!

So here is my FET recap. First off, Terry from the lab called at 8am asking how many we wanted to transfer. As I mentioned we have been on the fence about this. I told him we had not decided yet and we need to call back. After much talk the night before and that morning we decided to stick with 1 embryo. It came down to complete faith in each embryo. I just felt these 2 made it this far for a reason and they will be survive.
The entire start to finish went super fast. We weren't schedule until 3pm for the actual transfer but I arrived at CCRM for labs and acupuncture at 1:15pm. The acupuncture was actually in the room you do the transfer in. I really am glad I spend the the extra money on acupuncture. Tanya was amazing I really, really enjoyed it, I wish I could take her back to Arizona with me. As soon as acupuncture was done, which was around 2pm the ultrasound tech came in and said we are ready to go. Dr. G is ready, the embryo is ready, so we need to get moving. I had told them I didn't even have my valuim yet. They gave it to me quickly and Dr. G came in to go over the transfer details. Our 5AA was the one chosen for transfer and he/she thawed 100% with no damage. He said it thawed so good that we had to put it in right away because it was completely hatching out of the shell. The embryologist also said, "they should all look like that".  I was so excited to hear that. The staff is really good at making you feel good. Of course I was scared the entire time before transfer that it would not thaw correctly. Now I wish I didn't waste so much energy on stuff like that.
Next the u/s ladies checked my bladder, it was ready to go and we were off. Dr. G did a trial run and he did have a little trouble getting through my cervix because of scar tissue but he was able to use a smaller catheter to get through. The entire procedure was completely painless. It was just so amazing to see the embryo on the screen and then the spot it was place in my uterus.
There were a few confusions during the procedure since everything was so rushed. When the embryologist came to check my arm band, verify name and confirm the number of embryos she was shocked that I didn't have one yet and the nurse had to come in to give that to me. No big deal really to me but I could tell they were like, what, no arm band?
After the procedure I had to go in the bedpan. I tried to hold it but it was too painful. I had after the transfer acupuncture and then when our time was up, we were able to leave. I felt a little woozy from the valium and slept in the hotel when I got back.

Today I am scared to move, sneeze and laugh. I watched Bridesmaids and I was laughing so hard I felt bad but the acupuncturist said it was good to laugh.
Out pregnancy test is Thursday, December 8th. Now that it is all over I am feeling cautiously confident that it will work.
Thank you all for your support and for such wonderful blogs. This is my first IVF and my first FET and without the knowledge from everyones blog I would not know as much as I do. So thank you all!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

FET Officially Scheduled

I got the call from CCRM today that my FET is scheduled for Tuesday, November 29th at 3pm. I need to arrive at 1:15pm to do the pre-transfer acupuncture. My progesterone is good it came it at 9.5, they want it >5. During the phone call today they asked how many we are transferring and I told them only one. I have been on the fence about this since the CCS results. The entire time before IVF I was so excited at the chance of possibly having twins, I guess that all changed during the re-group with Dr. G. I want the best possible outcome for all of this and I know transferring two would increase those chances but two is all we have. I know one does not need the other to survive. Right now I hoping and praying everything goes well with the thaw and this little miracle continues to grow.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Really Happening

We are headed to CO on Monday. My Estradiol was 320, they want it above 300. My lining was 8. They want it 8 or higher. I feel like I am on the low end for both but I guess I made the cut. Julie, my nurse, said they would call on Sunday to tell me the time of my transfer on Tuesday. I can't believe that it is really happening. I am glad to have the next 4 days off to pull everything together.

*I forgot to mention there was a triple pattern :)
                                                          Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Liebster Blog Award!

Thank you Josey over at My Cheap Version of Therapy for my blogger award yesterday!  I have been following along with Josey's journey long before I started blogging. She is currently expecting Rockstar (baby #1) who is due in December, a Capricorn I believe. Thanks for all of your support and kindness! If you didn't give me this award you have been on my list.
So, I am told Liebster is German for "favorite" or "beloved".  With that I am passing this award on to my top 5 bloggers. I follow many but there are 5 women out there, 4 of which are going to the same clinic as me and 1 who has Robertsonian Translocation, just like my situation.  

1)  My Fertility Blog: Currently on this roller coaster of hell that IF gives all of us. She too is cycling at CCRM. They have severe male factor and endo to deal with.  Hoping for a happy ending for her and her husband! Wishing them all the best!

2)  Little Diiorios: Iveta is almost 20 week along with her first baby, should know the gender this week! Her husband has oobstructive azoospermia the only way they could have a baby is through IVF! They traveled all the way from Canada to go to CCRM in CO to create their Shining Star!

3) The Journey Continues: Mannie is currently 21 week along with her first baby. It's a Girl! Manni and her husband are both CF carriers. They to went to that famous CO clinic to have genetic testing done, and found success.

4) Jelly's Bean: Jen is also going to CCRM in CO. Her and her husband have been TTC to for 5 years. They are looking to do another ER in 2012 to get more normal embryos, they currently have 1 waiting for them in CO.

5) Thirtiesgirl: She is waiting for her genetic testing results and should know any minute. She has a balanced Robertsonian Translocation which basically means when you reproduce you can produce more abnormals than the average person due to how the chromosomes can split and carry on one another (it's a lot more complicated than that but I won't list all the details).

Each and every blog gives me hope, knowledge and pure support. Sometimes more support than a sister or a best friend because let's face it, they always don't understand what you are talking about. So if you received this award from me you are suppose to pass it on to 5 fellow bloggers! I read so many more blogs that it was hard just doing 5 but I know we are all connected in some way that you will get recognized!

Monday, November 21, 2011

FET is 9 Days Away!

I guess my post from last week should have said 2 weeks instead of 3 weeks, because right now we are 9 days away from our very first FET! I am beyond excited and really nervous. CCRM sent me all the consent forms which really made this finally feel real. I got our plane tickets this weekend and booked the hotel room. We are not staying in Lone Tree this time we decided to stay in Denver. I know I will be on bed rest for my entire stay but we really didn't feel like staying in Lone Tree. We could still get cancelled but I am not going to focus energy on that right now. I am currently on 3 vivelle patches and my tummy is looking like it did after the ER, bloated! I hope and pray every night for our 2 embryos we have waiting for us in CO. Right now we have decided to only put in 1, that could still change.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Labs & On Track With Calendar

Another mess up with the labs people yesterday. I thought I have gotten good at this but I guess not. Of course they didn't do a STAT order even though I reminded them about it and even asked what time the results would be done before I left. I got my labs done at 9am, called them at 2pm to check they were done and they said they sent the blood out. The lady on the phone tried to tell me STAT orders does not mean they will be done STAT.  I of course freaked out. I finally tracked it all down and my nurse called and said she still didn't get them. Finally, they arrived to CCRM at 5pm (I am so happy CO is on the same time as AZ now). I will be going directly to the labs that process the blood instead of the location that takes the blood for my next 2 procedures.
Nothing changed with my calendar. My Estradiol was 955, that seems crazy high to me. I probably have a cyst but even when I had them before my Estradiol was never that high. CCRM wants it >50. My nurse didn't seemed too concerned so I guess I will take it. Hope all goes well with the u/s & labs on Nov. 23rd.

Monday, November 14, 2011

3 Weeks!

If all goes well I will be leaving for Colorado in 3 weeks! I am super busy with work so I think time will go really fast! I feel scared, anxious, excited and extremely nervous. I added the vivelle patches last Thursday. The only side effect so far is I have been really bloated at night, and that is with only 1 patch. I up my patches on Thursday. I have my Estrodiol checked on Wednesday to make sure I am responding well to the patches. Other than that I have added the daily baby aspirin and I am down to 5 units of Lupron instead of 10.
I really need to purchase tickets and book a hotel room yet. We haven't decided if we are staying in Lone Tree for the FET or we may stay closer to Denver this time. My husband plans snowboarding most of the time I am on bed rest and it would be nice being closer to our group of friends that live in Denver. I guess I better figure it out this week.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AF Arrive On Time

I was a little worried it would be late because of the Lupron but AF arrived yesterday around 5pm. I emailed the main nurses email last night to let them know. I called this morning too, I have yet to hear from anyone but I think I just stick with my calendar, I am pretty sure they consider CD1 the first full day of flow, which would be today. Either way I don't think my calendar will change. I guess I was so excited AF came that I missed my Lupron shot this morning. Totally forgot so my husband brought it to me at work and I gave myself a shot in his car, in the parking lot. Oh the things we do! I am feeling a little more relaxed and this is all really starting to sink in. I am probably going to purchase plane tickets this week.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I started Lupron yesterday. Not a big deal really, my ovaries were a little achy this morning so I sure hope they are getting suppressed. I feel a little on edge too. I keep telling my husband it's the drugs. I sure hope I am right because I don't feel like myself.  I have my Estradiol checked on the 11/16. I emailed my new nurse Julie and asked her what number they were looking for.  I am prone to cysts, although I know that they don't matter during a FET, but cysts can produce high levels of Estradiol. She said they are looking for 50 or above. This determines if you lining is too thin.  On 11/23 when I do labs & u/s they are looking for anything over 300. Annie (old nurse) wrote me Monday to tell me she is no longer my nurse because she is only working very part-time. I have no preference in who my nurse is, as long as someone answers my questions, I am happy. I really want to book plane tickets but I am scared my FET will get cancelled so we might just wait to purchase them until after the 16th but they are so damn cheap right now I might just purchase them.
Next up...I stop BCP's on Saturday and wait for AF to arrive.