Thursday, January 24, 2013

We Have A Biter

I know I wanted to be done with breastfeeding in February but I never thought it would end this way. Two nights ago I was feeding Logan at 4am and he bit me, HARD! I yelled and he smiled at me. I was in shock. When I got home from work the next day I fed him and he did it again! That time he cried because I had to unlatch him with my finger. That night, I fed him again, at 4am (the kid is clockwork) and this time I got a nipple shield and ALL he did was bite. So with that, he is no longer getting the boob. I have read lots of stuff on what to do for a biter but honestly, I can't do it. I can't feed him again with the boob, the bites hurt BAD! He has 2 teeth and they are sharp. From what I read they say any baby under 9 months will not wean themselves off but I think he did. He loves the bottle because he is getting more food. Last night I woke up to feed him and pumped, he ate 7oz. When I was feeding him I would only feed him with one boob and I can't get 7oz from just one, so I really think he figured it out. With a bottle he gets what he needs. I am only sad because our last time together was not a pleasant one. I am still pumping but only for one more week. Pumping sucks, I hate pumping at work, at home and especially in the middle of the night. I never thought I would breastfeed this long any ways, it's been so easy until now.

I wish I got a pic of those teeth but here is one of him trying to feed himself already. I read so much about all the different approaches for feeding but basically it comes down to our lifestyle and who is feeding him. I stressed out too much about it. 
We started feeding him "solids" two weeks ago and he loved it. He was so ready. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Months

Boy how time flies! Logan is 5 months already. We so enjoying watching him grow, develop, learn and get frustrated, sometimes all at the same time. Here is a pic of us from January 5th, when he turned 5 months. It's been a fun month, my favorite so far...except for the teething. I wish that could have held off for a couple more months.

Exercise: Well I really indulged this holiday season and it shows! I still have 15lbs to drop and will be working on that starting NOW!!!

 I want to be better at posting here. I finally started my new family blog. It's getting there, I deleted one I started and decided to do word press. I so hope to get it going this weekend.

This post will be quick as I plan to post in more detail on my family blog.

The holidays were amazing, except traveling. Our flight was the one of many that got cancelled and we were stuck in Denver for 2 days. We couldn't even rent a car to drive home because they were all gone.  Logan did amazing though! He loves looking at people and being part of the action.

Breastfeeding: I am still breastfeeding but that will be coming to an end soon, probably February. It's been pretty easy for us so no complaints but we want to try for baby #2 in May... so it's time to start preparing already.  I think Logan is so ready for "real" food. He got mad at me last night for not feeding me when I was eating and he has been taking down 8oz bottles. I can't keep up with that. So we are going to supplement with formula. We are going to probably try this weekend. I have been so torn on what to feed him, I just need to figure it out along with finding out what formula to start using. If any of you have any suggestions, please share!!!

Teething: Our little guys has his 2 bottom teeth already, he got them last week. He has been a little more fussy before he goes to bed. I did have to give him Tylenol twice because he was in a lot of pain. I felt so bad for him.

Sleep: Well...he would probably be sleeping through the night every night but the teething has him waking up randomly at either 5 or 6 but then he goes back to sleep until 7:30am. He's a very good sleeper and he is still taking 2-2 1/2 hour naps, twice a day. Also, I am pretty sure he is going through a growth spurt, all of a sudden his 9month jammies are too small and he woke of 3 times last night to eat.