Thursday, January 24, 2013

We Have A Biter

I know I wanted to be done with breastfeeding in February but I never thought it would end this way. Two nights ago I was feeding Logan at 4am and he bit me, HARD! I yelled and he smiled at me. I was in shock. When I got home from work the next day I fed him and he did it again! That time he cried because I had to unlatch him with my finger. That night, I fed him again, at 4am (the kid is clockwork) and this time I got a nipple shield and ALL he did was bite. So with that, he is no longer getting the boob. I have read lots of stuff on what to do for a biter but honestly, I can't do it. I can't feed him again with the boob, the bites hurt BAD! He has 2 teeth and they are sharp. From what I read they say any baby under 9 months will not wean themselves off but I think he did. He loves the bottle because he is getting more food. Last night I woke up to feed him and pumped, he ate 7oz. When I was feeding him I would only feed him with one boob and I can't get 7oz from just one, so I really think he figured it out. With a bottle he gets what he needs. I am only sad because our last time together was not a pleasant one. I am still pumping but only for one more week. Pumping sucks, I hate pumping at work, at home and especially in the middle of the night. I never thought I would breastfeed this long any ways, it's been so easy until now.

I wish I got a pic of those teeth but here is one of him trying to feed himself already. I read so much about all the different approaches for feeding but basically it comes down to our lifestyle and who is feeding him. I stressed out too much about it. 
We started feeding him "solids" two weeks ago and he loved it. He was so ready. 


  1. Oh no! Winn has not done that yet and I cringe at the thought of it! Pumping does suck - I tried it a couple of times and it made me have a plugged duct. Let us know how the weaning goes. Glad he likes food!

  2. Getting bitten sucks. No pun intended. My SIL....same thing. My niece bit and laughed. And it was over. I'm still nursing at 9 months and get the odd love bite. Sorry your last feed was not as you envisioned. I'd have a tough time with that too. Good that he loves solids. You will have so much fun with that!

  3. Hi Krista! I swear this coulda been me writing in terms of how big Logan is and the sleeping - except of course I have 2! Mine are already growing out of their 6 month onesies and they are 3.5 months...scary. And they have HUGE appetites. I am unbelievably able to keep up with most of their milk needs but it causes me no end of hassle with having hugely heavy boobs that get engorged at the drop of a hat. And I am scared that they have started teething ALREADY. I don't need to add biting to the list of breastfeeding challenges! If that happens I am totally going to pumping...biting is just taking it too far! Anyway congrats on making it this far, and on your adorable Logan!

  4. Gah! About the biting. So very sorry, so very painful, so very much unfun. Best wishes for the smoothest transition possible, and a whole bunch of self care. Logan is adorable, indeed!