Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Months

Boy how time flies! Logan is 5 months already. We so enjoying watching him grow, develop, learn and get frustrated, sometimes all at the same time. Here is a pic of us from January 5th, when he turned 5 months. It's been a fun month, my favorite so far...except for the teething. I wish that could have held off for a couple more months.

Exercise: Well I really indulged this holiday season and it shows! I still have 15lbs to drop and will be working on that starting NOW!!!

 I want to be better at posting here. I finally started my new family blog. It's getting there, I deleted one I started and decided to do word press. I so hope to get it going this weekend.

This post will be quick as I plan to post in more detail on my family blog.

The holidays were amazing, except traveling. Our flight was the one of many that got cancelled and we were stuck in Denver for 2 days. We couldn't even rent a car to drive home because they were all gone.  Logan did amazing though! He loves looking at people and being part of the action.

Breastfeeding: I am still breastfeeding but that will be coming to an end soon, probably February. It's been pretty easy for us so no complaints but we want to try for baby #2 in May... so it's time to start preparing already.  I think Logan is so ready for "real" food. He got mad at me last night for not feeding me when I was eating and he has been taking down 8oz bottles. I can't keep up with that. So we are going to supplement with formula. We are going to probably try this weekend. I have been so torn on what to feed him, I just need to figure it out along with finding out what formula to start using. If any of you have any suggestions, please share!!!

Teething: Our little guys has his 2 bottom teeth already, he got them last week. He has been a little more fussy before he goes to bed. I did have to give him Tylenol twice because he was in a lot of pain. I felt so bad for him.

Sleep: Well...he would probably be sleeping through the night every night but the teething has him waking up randomly at either 5 or 6 but then he goes back to sleep until 7:30am. He's a very good sleeper and he is still taking 2-2 1/2 hour naps, twice a day. Also, I am pretty sure he is going through a growth spurt, all of a sudden his 9month jammies are too small and he woke of 3 times last night to eat.


  1. Although I'm sad you ever had to feel the disappointment of a cancelled IVF cycle, your story is giving me hope that I could have a successful cycle and a baby in the end. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. He is precious! So glad to hear things are going good. Funny, not really, but funny to be back in Denver with him :)

  3. Great to hear from you! You look great and Logan is such a cutie - makes me
    super excited to meet my own little guy in a couple months. I can't believe you're gearing up for #2 already - I hope you're as lucky as you were last time!

  4. He is adorable. I hope the transition to formula goes well. We used Isomil for our just happened to be the first one I tried (I think) and it worked, so we stuck with it.
    FYI for teething, the Hyland's teething tablets worked great for my son.

  5. Hey Krista - thanks for dropping by my blog - so many of us CCRM girls are jumping right back in for #2 - it's definitely exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I really hope that your remaining CCS normal tested blast burrows right in for 9 months. That would be just amazing wouldn't it? It's funny how you can't wait to be home and I think, hmmm, maybe I should go back to work - the grass is always greener, but I think with 2, your childcare costs go up, so working might be a wash. Keep us posted on your next cycle - I'll be sending fertile vibes your way! oh, and Logan is just adorable! Good work, Mama!