Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Gone!!!!!

I can hardly believe it. The cyst is GONE! Yep, I had an u/s this morning and it was gone. I am still in disbelief. It was great seeing my old RE today. I did ask him a few questions regarding BCP's. I just don't think they are suppressing me enough and he did say I do have a dominate follicle on the left ovary, it was at 10mm. Nothing to worry about but I want to make sure I get all the eggs I can get this cycle. So we are on the road to IVF. I start Lupron next Friday. I can't believe it...Finally!

Here's what lies ahead for us.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I finally heard back from my local RE and the cost of the cyst draining is going to be about $190. That was awesome news. The bad news is that they are down to 1 RE doctor starting next week so they don't know if they can do the surgery by July 5th. It's always something. I just know that I have to stay on top of everything. I will do my best to make it happen by next week.  I asked to see my old RE Dr. L (sometimes I see the other one) he was great and he actually did IVF for Dr. G. That is why I like him, Dr. G and him are friends and I am hoping that will help me get the surgery. After all he recommended me to go see Dr. G at CCRM because my local facility doesn't do CCS testing. I have my u/s on Thursday to make sure the cyst is still there. That would be awesome if if was gone but I doubt that. I am currently on day 5 of BCP's, they weren't going to put me on them this time but I guess they did. I hate being on them because when you have had 2 cancelled cycles and starting the 3rd, well that means I have been getting my period every 2 week since May. Not fun! I hope I can get the surgery by or on Tuesday next week. My other dilemma is, my sister is getting married next Saturday and all of my family is coming into town next Wednesday. I would hate to be doing this stuff while they were here. They all know what is going on. We talk about it all the time. I am really open and tell my sisters & parents everything. I just rather be having fun while I take vacation days instead of feeling shitty. I know it's a simple procedure but I don't do well after anesthesia. It makes me feel so tired and worn out for a couple days.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Cycle...Another Calendar

Well I am working like crazy to get this cyst drained. I am not sure why nobody can help me. I called my local place yesterday to get it drained and they just act stupid. I can't even take it anymore. I called my gyno and they are useless. Seriously I just started calling all the local RE's to see if they would drain a cyst and I finally talked to someone who knew what they were doing. She was so nice and kind  and said they can do it for me and by July 5th and they don't take my insurance so FUCK! I just don't know what do to. I have a new calendar with yesterday's CD1 and I need to get the cyst drained by July 5th to start shots that week with an estimated egg retrieval date on July 17th. I am not going to be patient anymore. I am not going to be sit back and wait. I just need to find someone to drain it. I asked for my local doctor to call me because and I told the lady on the phone that I was going to lose it. So I guess I am back to calling other doctors so see who can do it. I will wait to see if the other doctor calls me back. The worse part is DH does NOT understand any of this and he just thinks the cyst is going to go away on it's own but it's not. I need some Tylenol.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bumps in the Road

So I did go to yesterday's appointment but I didn't get the cyst drained. I just to talk it over with them (old/newRE). It was complicated. Dr. G wrote the orders to have the cyst drained today but that didn't fit into my new RE's office schedule and since I am not considered their patient,  I needed to fill out more paperwork and do that first. I know the cyst is still there. I called my local place twice last week asking tons of questions and they kept saying I needed to talk to the Dr. and that it was up to him, when clearly I had orders from another Dr. WHATEVER! So basically the cyst has been there too long now to go away on it's own. So I emailed  my nurse and told her I can get the cyst drained but it's not on CCRM's time frame. Nothing I can really do about that. So my nurse is going to check with Dr. G on what time frame I have to get it drained. Dr. G is on vacation now so I won't find out until Thursday. Bottom line...the cyst does need to get drained. I did find out it IS covered by insurance. So now I am just waiting to see what the orders are from Dr. G. How this effects our next cycle...well once the cyst is drained and once I start my CD1, I will not go on BCP and start STIMS. So more than likely we are defiantly doing egg retrieval in July/August....FINALLY

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sometimes I get so worked up about all of this IVF stuff that I don't even want to think about it or talk about it. Like it will go away or something. I am still racking my brain on what to do about this cyst. My u/s and labs are suppose to be tomorrow morning and I want to cancel it so bad but I feel so bad cancelling it because I took up someones appointment time. I have been going to a new office where my old RE transferred to so I don't want to piss them off. They have been so nice. I know the cyst is there.  I don't really want to pay for another u/s and labs. The even crappier part is they can't find out if it's covered by insurance until tomorrow's results. I know it's probably covered but since it has to do with infertility stuff it's probably not. My local OBGYN said they couldn't drain it until it was 8cm. Right now it's 3cm. I did email my nurse Friday and told her about all of this and all she said is Dr. G recommends getting it drained. I told her that it wasn't going to be easy and she suggested I come to Colorado to do it. Easier said then done. I constantly feel like I am fighting with myself. I think listen to the Dr. it's what he recommends. Then I think, HELLO, they are a business too and they just want my money. I know CCRM wants to get me in before the break and I would love that too, but at what costs? Draining a simple cyst just to squeeze me in? I guess I will have to decide here sometime before tomorrow. I may go to the appointment and just try to talk to my doctor. I will do my best to make the right decision.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Plan?!

My nurse called last Thursday and left me a message regarding they plan they have for me. I don't know how I feel about it, they want me to get another u/s and labs done next Monday, if I still have a cyst they want it drained. I am working on figuring this all out. I am not sure if my insurance will cover this or not. I am not going to do it if my insurance doesn't cover it. I rather wait it out. The waiting sucks but so does paying out of pocket. I do have great medical coverage but not relating to infertility. Also, my Vitamin D level was low, it came in at 21 and they want it above 30. I have to admit I am not good at taking pills, not even prenatal pills. I need to get better at that starting today. Annie, my nurse, just called to make sure I can get everything schedule and I told her I will do my best. I know right now at my old RE place they are in the middle of ER so I am not sure if I can be fit into their schedule.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moving Forward

Today is a new day and I am feeling pretty good considering I have had 2 cancelled cycles. What's next? Well...Dr. G said I will have another suppression check when I begin CD1 and if the cyst is still there I will need to schedule to have it aspirated. I will spend some time today trying to figure out who can do this for me and if I can get it covered by insurance. If the cyst is gone we will start stim drugs immediately, no BCP's. So today I am moving forward...I am going to try to learn from this entire process and be thankful that IVF even exists.

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you,
knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving
something bigger and better than your current situation.
~Brian Tracy

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday's Madness

I won't even explain the madness I went through this morning trying to get off work, make appointments and drive to these appointments. Let's just say I felt a little stressed. I had  my blood work & u/s again this morning. First off it was crazy getting it scheduled in time in order for the results to get to CO in time. I'm in Arizona so we are an hour behind them right now. Fortunately, they got me in. Unfortunately, the cyst is still there, last week it was 2.6cm today 2.9cm. Last week my estradiol was 259, they want it below 50. I the cyst was still going to be there, I felt like I was just wasting time & money today. At this point I am just getting really frustrated and disappointed. I don't know what I can do. Anyone have any advice? My nurse told me when I start my next cycle and if I don't have a cyst we won't do BCP's this time we will just start with injections. Now that sounds great but...I have a cyst and my next cycle will probably arrive just before CCRM closes in July. Another concern I have burning in my head is during my u/s they didn't find many follicles. They cyst is pretty large so it is taking up a lot of room on the right ovary but on the left ovary there were only 1-2 and last month there were only 3-4. It could be something to do with the cetrotide I was on for the last 3 days, it was suppose to suppress me.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Alrighty then...Looks like I will be injecting cetrotide for the next 3 days and then I have an u/s on Monday. I need to try to schedule that somehow. It took my a while to track down the cetrotide but I found it only a 1 1/2 miles away. Poor husband has to go pick it up for me because I have a field trip for work today and won't be done with work until 5:30 and shop closes at 5:30pm. So I guess this cetrotide is suppose to suppress me. If that doesn't work we wait for AF to arrive and we are going on a different protocal that does not include BCP's and you start injections right away. Only problem with that CCRM is closed the first part of July so if that happens I will have to wait until August. That sounds crazy because that is when we wanted to do a FET. Oh well, as long as I can try to get pregnant this year I will be happy. I will let you all know how it goes. I have never injected myself before so this should be fun...actually my sister will probably do it for me, she's a nurse.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going Crazy

I have been working on infertilty shit all day. I actually had the u/s yesterday so I pretty much knew then that it was over. I talked to the medical assistant today and she said she would fax the results, that was at 10am. i went to the office like a crazy lady and asked if they were faxed and they had not been yet and that was at 1:30pm. And now they still have not been faxed. WTF! I told them how important it was for CCRM to get them today, especially since they are on a different time zone. I am sure they are mad I showed up there but it's only a block from my work. Also, it was my obgyn's office so they don't get it at all. I went there because they were able to get the u/s covered under insurance. Fuck, the $230 is nothing compared to the crap I have gone through today, that is how much the u/s costs OOP. So at this point pretty sure they are still not sent and its 3pm, 4pm CO time. I did the blood work this morning at 7:45am. I went to my new/old RE office (he moved fertility clinics). They assured me this morning that it takes 4 hours to get the results and they will be sent out by 12pm. Nope, called them at 1:30pm to make sure they had the fax number and then they finally sent them. UHG! I am officially stranded in Crazy Town.

Still There :(

I had my ultrasound and bloodwork done today and I still have a cyst. It was the same one from last month because it was on the right and it has grown to 2.6cm. I emailed my nurse to give them a heads up since they won't get the results until this afternoon. I am disappointed but I was expecting this. I will wait to see what CCRM says, I know last time when I talked to Annie about it she said Dr. G would change my protocal. I should expect a call from them today so we shall see.