Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Another Day

Thank you all for you kind words. It hurts, it all hurts and we just don't understand. However, today is a new day and my mom called me this morning as she was searching the internet trying to find me answers, yes she is crazy like me!

Not that I am not happy with CCRM, we are. We love Dr. G, and I think the embryologists are the best in the country. However, my mom called me to tell me about this clinic, right here in AZ offering this...
ACFS believes so strongly in the future of PGD/PGS: 23 chromosome microarray to improve IVF success, it will be offered to all patients undergoing IVF at no charge other than what the PGD/PGS laboratory charges ACFS to do the test ($2,900).

FREE genetic testing for ALL IVF patients...WTF???

BUT WAIT...they are also offering this??

Half price for failed cycles at other clinics. ACFS will offer our standard IVF at half price to any patient that has been unsuccessful at another clinic within the last 12 months. We are committed to the success of any patient having trouble conceiving. ACFS is not saying that the IVF clinic you are at is not good; sometimes a change of venue and a different approach is all that is needed in having a successful outcome. This ACFS-IVF Perk would include all IVF charges except work-up (which should already be done), medications, ICSI, PGD/PGS and cryopreservation, if needed. By agreeing to this, you would not be eligible for ACFS-IVF guarantee.

Believe me I am not sold at all on any of this I am a very realistic person and I also think, if it sounds good to be true, well then, it probably is. I am going to give myself time and talk to Dr. G to see what he thinks happened. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's Official...BFN!

So I got the call today and as I suspected it's a BFN.

My WTF appointment will be with Dr. G next week as he is out of town this week. I am pretty happy about that actually. I am not ready to talk about it.

I don't know where we will go from here. We don't plan on deciding today. We may do another round, we may not. I  just don't know!

I know we have Logan and we love him more than anything but this is hard. Every hour I go through all 5 stages of grief.

Tonight I plan on eating burgers and drinking beer to help with the pain.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

No Line...

I caved and tested early. I am beyond sad. No line, not even a hint of a line. Waiting until Thursday is going to kill me.
I want to move on, infertility sucks!! I will no longer post here anymore 😞

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Let me just start off by saying...I can't believe we are here again. Everything seems so surreal! I will say actually this time I was way more nervous because I knew what to expect.

The transfer went great, my biggest fear of course was the thaw and our embryo thawed 100%, they said it didn't even look like it was even frozen. Seriously, the thought of all that blows me away.

Transfer details:
Arrived at 12pm: labs were drawn
12:20pm: acupuncture and Valium (highly recommended to help relax)
1:15pm: the transfer
After the transfer I rested for about 20min, acu started again then I was done. Things really move quickly once you get there.

So here I am currently on bed rest. I will leave you all with a picture of our embryo.

Monday, March 17, 2014

FET Tomorrow!

We are scheduled for our transfer at 1:15pm. I am so hoping and praying everything goes well with the thaw, I will make my husband answer the phone in the morning if I see they call back a second time.

We are so cautiously hopeful that this will work. Everyone always asks me if it is easier this time around. Well, we know what to expect but we don't know the outcome. That's all I can say.