Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So our nurse email me and said our protocal is called a "Lupron-40" or "Micro-dose lupron". I can't get my calendar yet because my local office has not sent all the bloodtest results yet so I am going there today to pick those up to send myself. When it comes to all this infertility stuff you really need to take charge and not rely on anyone to get the job done. I have never done IVF before and don't know much about protocals. If anyone has any comments about my protocals let me know.


  1. The nurse will send you your calendar and it will include dates and the medications you'll take. I like getting a calendar because I'm a planner and you can better see how to plan your life around the cycle. I wish you all the best with your first cycle!

  2. Agreed. I too have found we have to stay on top of our treatments. It's a pain. I feel like I have a part-time job (IF treatment) on top of my full time job. But although time-consuming I've found taking charge of what's going on with IF treatment is actually less stressful than assuming the doc offices are on top of things :)

    Looking forward to hearing what your protocol will be (sorry I don't know what "Lupron-40" or "Micro-dose lupron" mean).