Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mixed Feelings

I am feeling anxious, scared and busy. Today I email our nurse and asked if we could push back our ER until the next cycle. I can't believe I would do something like that (especially since I have that cyst and it could grow) but husband and I are just too busy in April and can't even find time to break away. I have not and will not be telling anyone at work what we are doing. So that makes it difficult to take time off too. I did contact HR and told them and they said I am not obligated to tell anyone and I can request off sick time while I am off, so that is good.  It will be hard not telling co-workers why I am gone; I plan on saying that I am having female stuff done. No one should suspect anything especially since I am having a FET. We have decided the fewer people that know the better. People just don't understand and I also don't want to be answering questions all the time.
On a side note, this whole IVF thing happened so fast for us. Here is a breakdown. We didn't start trying until May 2010 (yep last year). I knew something was wrong by July. I know only 3 months of trying is nothing but I just had this feeling something was wrong. I skipped my local Gyno stuff and just called an RE and schedule an appointment. By August we knew that IVF was the only way to go. In September we found out that my husband is a Robertsonian Translocation Carrier (A type of chromosome rearrangement. One in about 900 babies is born with it) and that we would need genetic testing. Our local RE referred us to CCRM and here we are. Everything has been happening just so fast. Will one more month help me feel any better, well that is what just feels right. May feels right and I am going to stick with my feelings since is helped me in the past. Let’s hope CCRM is OK with my feelings.


  1. I'm sure CCRM will be fine with it - you need to do what works for YOU, and being stressed out about work and time off wouldn't help the FET cycle. I think May is a great idea!

  2. In my experience, so much of IF treatment is doing what we're comfortable doing. If you're more comfortable waiting a month, I think that's the right plan for you.

  3. I think waiting is a great idea. CCRM will be totally fine with it. IVF is stressful and there is a lot of extra stuff that you have to do, so waiting for a good time in your life is perfect.
    You are very lucky to have landed at CCRM just a year after TTC. I'm so happy for you!