Sunday, August 26, 2012

3 Weeks Old

Baby Logan is 3 weeks today! Wow, time sure does fly by! It's so nice having time off from work, it will be very hard going back! We still need to figure out childcare, my husband works from home so he will bring him at least 4 times a week, roughly 5 hours a day. I will pick him up.
Right now we are still figuring out how to sleep at night. This little night owl has his days/nights mixed up. I need to start reading some books. We plan on reading Baby Wise, anyone else have any suggestions for books or sleeping better at night, let me know! He sleeps great and eats great...during the day. We try to keep him up but he fall into a milk coma every time, nothing works to keep him up. We even strip him naked, which he hates but seems to settle into when he's tired.

Other than that we couldn't be more happy! We comment everyday on how amazing he is and how amazing CC.RM is! Seriously without them we wouldn't have this little guy. I just can't get over he was  a frozen embryo!

I am feeling so much better and I am healing well after the c-section. I had a dr appointment the other day and I am cleared to start walking and doing light weights and cardio, no abs or course. Yesterday I went for a 30 min walk and it felt great!  I am in no rush to lose the weight, have lost 18 of the 33 lbs so far. I don't own a scale and will only know my weight loss when I go to my appointments. I typically base my weight loss on how my clothes fit and right now, I only fit in dresses and yoga pants! I noticed I am more hungry now than I was when I was pregnant, so that worries me. At 6 weeks I am defiantly going to beef up my workout routine and eating plan. Easier said than done!

Here are some newborn pics we had taken.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad to hear you are feeling well, and the sleep just takes some time. Hopefully he gets his days and nights straightened out soon.

  2. Those newborn pictures are amazing - what a gorgeous baby! So glad you are feeling better - you need to eat now to build up stores for breast feeding. You are so fit that when the time comes you'll drop e weight. For now I say eat and enjoy this baby!

  3. What a gorgeous baby Krista!! Absolutely beautiful! xo

  4. Those are the sweetest newborn pics! Sounds like he is doing really well! I think they gradually start being more awake during the day. I was also very hungry for about 6 weeks postpartum and then my appetite started to decrease some, so don't worry. Good luck finding a good childcare situation.

  5. Awww...he's beautiful Krista!

  6. --- hands down the best baby sleep site. Check it out!!

    I SOOOO wish we would have done newborn shots like those. Simply gorgeous!

    1. PS - I meant to tell you that i was way hungrier in the beginning as well thanks to nursing. You're burning an extra 300 cals/day thanks to nursing, so it makes sense that you're a little hungrier as well!

      Hope all is well - you should check in with an update!

  7. Congratulations! He is adorable and I love the pictures!

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