Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Well...here we go again! I had my ODWU in Colorado in December. I flew there by myself this time.
I started taking BCPs on Saturday and will continue that until we get my cycle timed with our upcoming FET. I don't have a calendar yet because they are waiting for my recent pap to be sent over.

Right now we are hoping for a March 11th or 14th FET. It is SO weird getting the phone calls from 303 again, I just get so nervous every time. So much fear and hope is constantly swirling through my head.


  1. Good luck!!! There is no reason why this wouldn't work, so excited for you! xo

  2. Good luck Krista, fingers crossed!

  3. March will be here before you know it! Hope all goes smoothly - I don't miss those wonky emotional highs and lows, but hopefully it will be a little easier this time without doing a retrieval :)