Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 Week Lab Results

Here are my results from my labs this week. I like to post this stuff because I found it very helpful to look back at other blogs to see where they were at. Also, I know there is another FET in the future for me so I want to be able to compare.

Estradiol: 917
Progesterone: 20

Both numbers went down so I am not making any changes this week. 2 patches every other day and 1 suppository at night. I am assuming by 12 weeks I should be off  all support.

I finally bought a belly band the other day and wore it to work with my jeans yesterday and it was awesome. My jeans felt normal, they weren't falling off from being unbuttoned and held together with a hair tie. I folded it over as I didn't like it over my belly.


  1. It's so weird how your wean is so gradual and mine was so abrupt. It still skeezes me out. I do like it when people post levels too, because I find myself comparing and looking at them too.

    1. I actually did think about that. We even have the same Dr. so not sure what the deal is.

  2. The weaning goes on...hopefully will be over soon. And i'm glad the belly band is working for you!

  3. Those numbers look fabulous to me. I'm still weaning as well. My last shot is in 5 days (can you tell I've been counting down).

  4. Good numbers! And no PIO injection. Impressive. I never got the belly band. Went straight to mat clothes. Advice....take your time picking pair you just love is good enough. And for variety, check out your local consignment store...the deals are amazing, the pieces can be a good find.