Friday, May 23, 2014

Trying to figure out what to do next

I am finally feeling normal again. I have never, ever been so sad as I was after the failed FET. 
I finally had my WTF talk with Dr. G about two weeks ago. Not much was said, I get it, we make crappy embryos with crappy sperm. We talked about another cycle, Dr. G said I would probably get the same results, meaning 1-2 embryos. I am totally fine with that, IF that is the case. We are going to get DH's sperm tested again. Here is what went wrong with IVF #1. When we went for our ODWU in December, 2010 he had 200,000 sperm. When we did the actually ER in August, 2010, he only had 90,000. That is what messed everything up. We couldn't do IMSI and had low fertilization. Dr. G told me I shouldn't base my decision on the sperm test.

So...I am going to schedule a consultation with a local AZ clinic and then go from there. Like I said before, we are happy with CC.RM but to be honest with you. It sucks traveling and sending blood test results and ultrasounds especially with a toddler now. We both want another child more than anything. But, we are both very realistic...
If we do another IVF either here or there we are thinking September.

I leave you with a pic of our amazing little boy. We are just loving every day with him and we are very grateful to be his parents.


  1. I'm so sorry for your BFN. After 2 failed post-pregnancy FETs, I can relate. It's so frustrating. And coordinating out of state treatment was annoying enough before a toddler. With a toddler, it's maddening!

    I totally agree -- going through this definitely makes us all the more grateful for our one miracle-of-science/CCRM baby that we do have!

    g/l with the AZ clinic consult!

  2. Good for you. When you want something this badly, you must go ahead with it. I truly hope a little sibling is in the stars for beautiful Logan. And if so, it will happen no matter where the cycle takes place. All the best to you my dear.