Monday, December 20, 2010

SA Report

Well we got the SA (semen analysis) report back...not amazing, but that was to be expected as that is  why we are doing IVF at CCRM in the first place. I am just happy he has some swimmers (6% to be exact) to work with. But let me tell you that does increase our fee an extra $500. That's nothing compared to the 20K price tag already. So now we have to do CCS, ICSI, IMSI, and we need 2 frozen back ups. I should have said, "Sign us up for ever single fee you have and then we have a deal". I will post a picture of the fees broken down. Regarding the SA at CCRM, DH is always nervous doing the SA. He said it wasn't any different at CCRM. At CCRM they make all the DH go to the basement to give their sample and the nurse walks you into a room with porn, penthouse and other magazines.
What's next...we need to regroup with Dr.Gustofson, get blood work done and pay some money to CCRM and figure out when we are going to get the ball rolling. Probably April, that way we will have all the money save up and then some so we aren't broke after all of this.

Here are a couple definitions for you regarding ICSI & IMSI

Both ICSI and IMSI are micromanipulation techniques. In ICSI, a single sperm cell is injected directly into an egg (usually, several single sperm cells are injected directly into several eggs). This gives the sperm cell a head start when it comes to fertilization. Fertility specialists recommend this technique when there are problems with a man's sperm, and this is the reason why his female partner is struggling to get pregnant.

IMSI is basically ICSI with the added "advantage" that more attention is paid to the quality of the sperm to be injected into the egg. In IMSI, the man's sperm sample is examined under a high-definition microscope and only those sperm cells which appear have "good" genetic characteristics are selected for injection into the female partner's eggs

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