Monday, December 27, 2010

While in Colorado

We had a great trip to Colorado for the ODWU while we were there we totally took advantage of the great outdoors. The temps were mild and the snow was coming down in the mountains. I must confess we went snowboarding for 2 days after our appointment on Friday. They actually tell you not to go skiing or snowboarding while in Colorado and then they tell you horror stories of a husband falling and breaking his leg and then they have to aspirate is sperm for the day of retrieval. We figured we weren't doing IVF till spring and we are not first timers on the mountain so why not. It was too funny while we were meeting with the Danielle the Geneticists; she said someone was going snowboarding because she saw the boards on the rack. We had to confess that it was us. She chuckled and said "good for you two". So while you are in Colorado enjoy yourself, we did. I know I won’t be doing that come ER time.

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