Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here We Go

It shouldn't surprise me when I go to CCRM and end up paying them lots of money. If I haven't mentioned it before I will now. Unfortunatley, we do not have infertility coverage so we are paying out of pocket. We have been saving like crazy and have the money but boy do I hate to depart from it. I know this is going to work and in the end I will have a better attitude about the costs. To answer a question I know I had... yes, CCRM is open on Sunday's. Here is our breakdown of the fees today.
Today's bloodwork for me included my CD3 & communicables...
Hep B-$65
Hep B Core-$60
Hep C-$115
HIV 1-HIV 2 Plus O-$65
Venipuncture-$20 (blood draw)
Total: $840

Husband had is bloodwork done today too his cost was $360. So all together we paid

Now off to Vail for fun!

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  1. You're on the way!! It's expensive, but all worth it in the end...