Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Results are in...

The trip to Colorado has been great, not only did we take care of CCRM stuff but we got in 2 amazing blue bird days of snowboarding.
So the the CD3 results:
LH-73 (not good they want it below 50, probably have a cyst)
AMH-no results at the time they called they probably have it now but whatever

So our nurse Annie called yesterday afternoon with our protocol. It all basically depends on when I CD1 starts in March but looks like our tentative retrieval date is going to be April 15th. It all is making me feel very anxious that it seems so close yet so far away. They don't seem too concerned about the cyst so I won't be either.

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  1. Yahoo! Things are moving forward, that's great. :)

    Where did you ski at?