Friday, February 25, 2011

Upcoming Dates

Ok so if AF arrives on March 17th, I will take BCP's until March 29th. U/S (ultrasound) done locally on the 30th or 31st. Start stims the 1st of April if everything looks good. Not sure what that means, hopefully that damn cysts disappears with my next cycle. Then I would have an u/s on April 7th, be in Denver April 8th and possible retrieval date will be April 14th. It makes me nervous just thinking about it and actually writing this out. I feel that this step is the BIG one. We are just hoping and praying we have genetically good embryos after all is said and done. We are having genetic testing done so we will be doing a FET in the summer. I am not sure when now since my sister is getting married in July and that's when we wanted to do it. I guess we just need to get through the Egg Retrieval part first and we will deal with the FET next.

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  1. It always feels more real when you get the dates all written out. Exciting!