Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Re-Group

I had the re-group on Friday. It went really well. I always feel so much better after I talk to Dr. G, he makes me feel so less stressed. We asked lost of questions.

First up was IMSI, why wasn't it done. Well he said that DH only had 400,000 sperm and of that only 4% were motile. Not good results so he said they were unable to do it with that few sperm. He also suggested that we bank some sperm just in case for the future.

Embryo Quality: 6 day vs 5 day. He said on day 5 our 2 embryos that we had left were eary blasts so that's why they let them grow until day 6.

Fertilization: why was it so bad for us? He said more than likely the sperm quality and the translocation. Although we only got 2 blasts he said that is 1 in 6, which are the expected results for the issues we have, so we got 2 out of 12. Dr. G really has a way of making me realize what we do have.

Endo Biopsy & the Protein: He said I shouldn't put myself through that, he didn't see any reason for me to. I am still going to see my gyno on Tuesday just to see what they think. He said on my u/s in CO my lining was 9mm and it had triple pattern which is suppose to be good.

Transferring: 1 or 2?!. He said I am a good candidate for both but also explained the complications of 2. I have to say we were leaning towards transfering 2 before the conversation but I think we are only going to transfer 1 now. I still have time to figure this out as we are not going to get things started until my next cycle which will be late October. I am so scared to put in both and lose both. I also am scared that my cervix can't handle 2. I had a LEEP done in 2008 so you never know. Dr. G went on to explain the possible complications of twins, really stuff that never crossed my mind.

So we got a lot of questions answered. He really gave us a lot to think about. It looks like the FET will be early December. I really wanted it to be sooner but with work and our schedules the later was just better for us.


  1. So glad the regroup went so well! Can't wait to hear what your gyno says about further testing.

  2. Glad you had your re-group with Dr. G. He does have a way great way of explaining things and making you feel at ease. He gave us a choice of 1 or 2 and we went with 1. Should know by Thursday if it took! If not we'll be back on a plane to Denver for round 2. Good luck with the decision making process.

  3. Sounds like you are in a better informed place. Your decision will gel. Go with what you feel and believe.

  4. I'm glad you had a great re-group. 2 normals is a fantastic result, and seems very promising! Wish you the best of luck with the rest of the decision-making - it's good to have choices!

  5. Great news! Sounds like your re-group went really well. 1 vs 2....decisions, decisions...difficult but isn't it nice to be in the position of having two normals to decide on!

  6. Phew, lots of information here, but I'm glad you got some really solid, reassuring answers to all of your questions. I can't wait for Dec to be here for you already!!!

  7. I love Dr. G. He and all of CCRM push really hard to scare you out of transferring 2. I think it's a movement all REs are heading toward. We planned to only do 1 until the drive over to Lone Tree for transfer whereby we changed our minds and transferred 2. Lo and behold we are expecting twins in Feb! I did consult with my OB about transferring 2 beforehand and she said there are the same complications in singleton pregnancies and no one could predict whether you'd have a healthy twin pregnancy or singleton. Anyhow, all the best to you!