Saturday, December 17, 2011


I found myself feeling very anxious yesterday. I had to get my Estradiol and Progesterone checked. Of course the labs folk decided to take their time and didn't get the results to CCRM until 5pm, I had to call them 3 times to make it happen. UHG! That shit drives me crazy. 

Here are my results: 
Estradiol: 533 (4 vivelle patches, every other day)
Progesterone: 10 (3 prometrium suppositories daily, vaginally)
I am staying on the same dosage.

Oh and I guess I was way off on the ultrasound. I actually am not schedule until December 26th and of course nothing is open that day so I have to wait until December 27th for my first u/s. Needless to say I have peed on a few sticks to make me feel better. 

Today I am 5 weeks 2days. I wish time would hurry along and I wish my mind would stop obsessing! 


  1. With the holidays December 27th will be here before you know it! Just keep peeing on those sticks until then to remind you that your little peanut is snuggled in there safe and sound.

  2. Yay for 5 weeks 2 days!!! Every week is such a me I know! haha Hope the next few weeks pass quickly so you can see your little baby!

  3. My progesterone was 10 too and they put me on PIO in addition to my suppositories. You are lucky!

  4. Keep peeing on whatever u need to as much as u need to! So exciting :)

  5. An even longer wait to ultrasound!? I'm right there with you on the last line. I've been counting down the days until mine. I've also been POAS. It does make you feel better, doesn't it.

  6. THis was the hardest part - waiting for the u/s - Your numbers look good. I also had so much trouble getting the lab to send results to CCRM. I Hope the time goes by quickly - christmas is a good distraction.

  7. Dec 26th is 6w4d - it makes sense they'd have you wait until AT LEAST then for an u/s. That's how far along I was when we went in, and we were lucky enough to be able to see (not hear) a heartbeat. Even that is hit or miss that early, though at least by the time you go in at 6w5d they should be able to see the yolk sac and fetal pole.

    I'm glad they're testing your levels and keeping you on the progesterone support. Part of me was annoyed by the constant P4 checking required by CCRM, but it ended up being a very good thing b/c it took my body until 12w to really start making progesterone on its own.