Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Friday

I finally ordered all of my meds. Ended up using Fertility Freedom. I tried using but my nurse said "I found out our doctors do not want patients ordering medications form due to lack of quality control and over seas shipping. Sorry if that creates a hassle for you, but it's definitely for your benefit." So I didn't argue and just ordered from Freedom. In case you are interested the meds were only $2800 at compared to the $4000 I will be paying with Freedom.

I had a crazy week and did what I could for workouts.

Monday: ran 4 miles
Tuesday: Jillian (Ripped In 30 video)
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 5k race & ran 1.5 extra
Friday: Jillian (Ripped in 30 video) & run 4 miles
Saturday: Run 5 miles; 1 hr. chair pilates

I was reading in the CCRM manual that you shouldn't work out while doing stims. Anyone know if that's true?


  1. Yeah - I've heard you're supposed to take it easy while stimming (exercise-wise) - just really light activity.

  2. They say to stop working out at day 5 of stims. The ovaries get so big, they say they are usually the size of a walnut and they can get up to the size of a grapefruit, so you won't want to work out. If you do, you risk torquing your ovaries and that means an emergency surgery to remove it :-( Not so good. They say light walking is OK though.
    It's so tough to stop exercising, I know. It seems like this is the time where you need the stress relief the most.

  3. What?! That is so weird, especially considering my nurse AT CCRM orderd my meds for me through IVFmeds. WTH??

    Also, I've read that ALL menopur is made overseas - so even "local" pharmacies get it in from Europe. Awesome America jacks up the price though. Ridiculous. :( Sorry they wouldn't let you do it.

  4. Wow, that's a big price difference. I've heard no exercise while on stims as well.