Wednesday, April 27, 2011

U/S & Bloodwork

So I had my u/s & blood work this morning. Still have that damn cyst. I don't know what CCRM will do, whether we are cycling this month or not.  I sure wish they would tell me as that was done at 9am my time which would be 10am Colorado time. STILL have not heard back. I need to know by 4pm today so I can tell Todd's Pharmacy to ship out the Lupron. It is only good for 1 month and I don't want to have to reorder it again if we are not cycling this month.  UGH, the wait is killing me! I am about to blow up everyone's phone right now and make sure shit is getting done.


  1. annoying. I hope you find out soon!

  2. How about e-mailing your nurse? She probably has the answer for you already, she just doesn't know you have this press for time regarding the lupron. My nurse replies to me right away.

  3. I totally emailed and called whenever I needed answers. I found that when I did both, they emailed me back more quickly. :) Let us know when you find out!