Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So Much Going On

I feel like I always have so much going on with this infertility stuff. Make appointments, email/call IVF nurse. Just a bunch of stuff. On top of that add work and then on top of that I got picked as a Juror on a trail this entire week. UHG!
Trying to make it through this week, this past weekend was great. I worked of course but we also ran Pat's Run. It's a 4.2 mile run for the Pat Tillman Foundation. A fallen solider that played football at ASU. What an amazing event, it turned out 28,000 people! Of course after the event everyone hits the bars at 8am.
I have my u/s& blood work schedule for next Wednesday, we will see then if we are given the green light for starting the stims May 1st. All very exciting!
Here's a pic from the after the race.


  1. Way to go! I wish I'd have gotten back into running pre-BFP. Now I probably shouldn't start it. :P

    Hoping for a green light for you next Wednesday!!!

  2. It's true -- IF treatment feels like it's my 2nd job! But it's exciting to see things moving along. And that you're taking time to take care of yourself with your run :)

  3. Visiting your blog for the first time! Nice to meet another couple with a bt issue--wish we could have met for different reasons though. Really excited to see how your ccrm cycle goes. If I could choose to go anywhere--it would be there.