Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Plan B

Alrighty, the re-group is schedule at 10:45am on Friday with Dr. G. I am ready to get this figured out. I feel like I have broken some kind of recorded with cancelled cycles. My nurse re-assures me this does happen, that did make me feel better but I really want to talk to the Dr to figure out what Plan B is. I thought IVF was Plan B for me since doing it the old fashion was did not work out. I guess this may be Plan C. Who knows. I just want to figure something out because whatever I am doing now is not the right plan.


  1. Hope they can work something out for you. I'm sure you must be beyond frustrated.

  2. Really looking forward to hearing what they say the next step is. I know it looks like one road block after another...I don't know why you are being put through this but it will all make sense one day. Keep 'pushing through'....sometimes I think IVF is nothing but a test, with most people not even having to take it. Let's hope the next cycles the one already!!