Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I had my u/s today. Everything looked okay? I am not sure the u/s tech said I am about to ovulate. I can't keep things straight anymore. I thought you don't ovulate on BCP's. I am waiting for the labs which I won't get those results until tomorrow morning since I went late this afternoon. At this point I am not sure what will happen with this cycle. I will see what CCRM says tomorrow.


  1. Yes BCPs are to prevent ovulation. So who knows what the u/s tech saw that made him/her say that. I tend to take what my u/s tech says with a grain of salt since they're not the doctor then wait for the doctor's interpretation of the findings. You'll nurse will be able to explain it all better I hope.

    Looking forward to hearing the results from all your tests!

  2. I ovulated on BCP on my first IVF(confirmed by RE)and told CCRM that, my nurse told me not to worry, if I had ovulated on BCP they just adjust the cycle, they would not have cancelled me. Weird women do ovulate on BCP, I think it's as high as 7% of us that do.