Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pushing Through

I tried to call CCRM today and every option I push is telling me  "this person is not available"...so I emailed them to try to schedule a re-group with Dr. G. CCRM wants me to get an u/s this Friday to see if the cyst is gone and then another one next week. I am not doing the one on Friday and I have decided I am not doing one next week until I can get my labs done first. When I get the results from my labs then I will do and u/s. Obviously if my Estradiol is high then it's still there. Last week my Estradial was 151, they like it below 50. I know I will not be getting this cyst drained if they ask me to. It's just not worth it. It will go away. I should have never gone on BCP's this month and just started stims right away like my nurse said they were going to do. Even my nurse was super surprised when Dr. G put me on BCP's again. It does suck waiting and going against some of the things they are telling me to do but when you are dropping almost $500 every time for u/s and labs it gets super frustrating.  I guess first things first, re-group with Dr. G. They sent me a new calendar, with a tentative ER on 8/3 but those calendars basically mean nothing to me anymore.


  1. I usually get a pretty fast response through e-mail.

  2. Ugh, way frustrating.

    I agree with @myfertilityjourney - they were great about getting back to me via email, or calling me after reading my email full of questions.