Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trigger Possibly Tonight!

Went in for my 3rd u/s and labs this morning. Everything is growing at the same rate so that is good. They still seem to be tracking only 15. I so much wanted more than that, but I will take what I can get. We already know we are genetic mutants so the more eggs the better for CCS testing. I wasn't expecting them to tell me that I would trigger tonight but that only makes sense, Egg Retrieval would be Wednesday just as they predicted. Husband and I have been watching some trigger shot videos and find them very entertaining yet scary. I am going to try not to think about it. I might go back to CCRM today if we are getting the trigger shot tonight and have them draw a circle for him to hit the correct spot. We met with the genetic counselor the other day and she just makes everything seem so simple and easy.  I mean everyone at CCRM sure makes you know how to feel good about all the crappy stuff you have to do.
*I am adding this info after I already posted but wanted something to reference to just in case...Yesterday I was still on 20 units of Lupron am/pm & 2 vials of menopur yesterday and today. Last night I had only 150 of Gonal-f instead of 300 so not much changed with the meds.


  1. Isn't it nice talking to people who understand the importance of what you're going through...and how to deal with it like it's just routine and normal to be giving ourselves crazy shots?? :)

    I'd definitely say you should go in and have them draw a circle - it will probably give you both more confidence when it comes time to do the shot!

    I still think 15 is great - lots of prayers for tons of GREAT eggs at retrieval!

  2. I think 15 is great!!! I've been told by 3 RE's that you don't want too many because the quality is then usually affected. I hope they all look great!

    Good luck with the trigger shot. I had to give it to myself this last time and it does burn but you guys can do it!! Just think about those lil babes it will make :)

  3. Hey - My husband chickened out of giving me the trigger shot and we called a nurse that comes to your hotel to give you the shot. It was $100 but worth it because my husband and I did not have to stress about it. (the number is in the back of the binder)
    But I am sure he would be able to do it. Just make sure to keep your muscles relaxed.
    So exciting! You are almost there!

  4. Wow, triggering tonight! That is awesome. I do agree with other ladies, sometimes they say that you don't want too many eggs because the quality gets compromised. I think 15 is wonderful. BTW, if you trigger tonight, then ER would be Tuesday :-)

  5. 15 is great!! And the trigger shot is nothing - easy, breezy - don't sweat it (I had the nurse draw a circle on my my butt cheek for DH as well!!) Good luck!!!