Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Wait

It's just killing me. I went in for labs and u/s this morning to make sure we are on track and follies are growing. I was done with that at 9:30am my time. Colorado is an hour ahead of me and I thought I would hear from them by now. My job is waiting to know what is going on too. I finally told them I needed to be gone and that was it. I didn't tell them anything else. It made me worried though because I have to use FMLA and I have heard of others being denied FMLA due to fertility treatments. I will find out I guess. I don't know why I can't just use some of my 550 hours of sick time? So, now I wait, I wait for another green light from CCRM.

**Update: the damn lab did not sent the results yet! UGH, I told the lady this morning that is was stat and she said no problem, it would be done in 2 hours. I should have called them earlier.

***Most Recent: ok my labs were fine and the follies are growing, slowly. There are not too many right now but Annie said I am not done yet. The u/s tech didn't measured anything under 9 so right now I have on the left ovary; 13, 12, 9,9 on the right ovary; 12, 12, 9. I sure hope I get more than that. But I am off to Colorado tomorrow.


  1. Hope you get great numbers..I'm confused though (not uncommon)---you can't use sick time? Why not? Maybe my workplace is extremely lenient but these are drs appts and as such sick time can be used. I've also heard that FMLA has been denied for fertility treatments which I don't agree with.

  2. I hope you hear soon! I was allowed to use sick time for my treatment - it is medical treatment after all?

  3. Safe travels to Colorado! It will be less stressful once you get out there.

  4. Ugh, i got to the point where I called the lab EVERY SINGLE TIME after 2 hrs to verify that they had sent it - 2 times out of 3, they wouldn't have. Ridiculous.

    Glad you got it taken care of at least. I'm sure you'll have some more follies catching up in the next couple of days.

    Travel safe tomorrow, and welcome to CO!

  5. I too have started following up on labs because I've had so many screw ups. So what I do now is get tests done in the AM, then call CCRM around noon or 1PM my time to confirm they received the results. I just ask the receptionist -- I don't leave a vmail for my nurse. Because in the past my nurse didn't call me back until 4 or 5 PM my time (I'm in CST) -- too late to follow up with the labwork. So I ask the CCRM receptionist to confirm whether results were received around noon or 1. Then I have the afternoon to call the labs and even have time to go back and give more blood, do another u/s etc if needed.

    So glad you're headed to Co soon! Things will be so much less stressful there. You'll feel like you're in such good hands.