Friday, May 27, 2011

All Finished

I had my mammogram this morning. For prep I was told not to wear lotion or deodorant.  The lady doing the procedure was super sweet. She said, "I am not sure what stories you may have heard about this procedure, but as soon as you are done you will have your own story to tell." The lady also kept telling me how smart I was for getting this test done early. Probably true, but I can't take credit for it. I am required to take this test. I didn't explain any of that to her I just let her think I was being proactive. The entire process was extremely easy. It took about 15min, all I had to do was stand there topless and she would position the machine and smash the ladies down and snap the pic.  It didn't hurt at all. I am however only a B-cup, so not very big. It probably could hurt a little if you have large breasts and if your breasts are sore. So don't go before or during your cycle days if you tend to get sore boobies then. My insurance actually covered the entire procedure not even a co-pay so that was pretty amazing. I am always ready to whip out the old debit card and pay. I thought what a nice start to a nice long weekend.


  1. Glad it went well! Mine hurt, but I'm a *tad* bit bigger than a B-cup!

  2. Good it went smooth and it was free! That is an awesome treat! :-)