Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still Waiting

Right now I am just waiting for CD1 to start. I am totally confused on when that is suppose to happen. I mean I feel like I have AF already, I am having cramps, headaches, salty food cravings and 1 small pimple on my chin. A couple days after I ended the BCP I had a very heavy flow for 3 days, which was very unusual for me. Oh well. I will wait to see what happens. In the meantime I am just keeping up with my exercise routine, relaxing and drinking lots of water. 
Since I have a lot more free time I wanted to share some workout dvd reviews with everyone. I love workout DVD's. I got hooked on them when I started P90X 2 years ago to get into shape for our wedding. Since then I have quite my gym and run outside at least 5x's a week and then mix in the dvd's to get some strength training.

Here is a new video I tried last week; Core Fusion Thighs & Glutes. OK, so this is not the typical workout dvd I am used to. This one brings it back to the basics. Which I like. You do a lot of smaller, repetitive moves. Let me tell you it burned my but like crazy. I had to take several breaks. There are 5, 10 min workouts. You can do them all together or one at a time. It's something I won't be doing daily but will be doing weekly. A few things I didn't like is the voice-over in the video or the dark setting.


  1. I love DVD's! Thank you for the recommendation! My dh is doing P90x right now,those are hard! I'm scared of Tony, lol. Have you tried the Action Hero Babe by Valerie Waters? I love those series! She is the trainer for Jennifer Garner during Alias, and many other celebrities. You'll love it! Check it out.

  2. I love dvd's also. P90x just seems so intense. I'd like to try it sometime though.