Friday, May 6, 2011

...Be Patient!

I heard back from my nurse. I am pretty sure she is probably annoyed by some of my questions. I try not to bug her too much. Yesterday I email her and asked her what happens if I get another cyst. She responded..."If you had another cyst with your next cycle, Dr Gustofson would likely change your protocol. We will have to cross that bridge when it comes as you hopefully will not even have a cyst next time. I was not able to open the protocol you sent, but regardless, Dr. Gustofson will choose a protocol that is best for you based on all of your past history and work-up testing results." I sent her a protocol too...probably pretty annoying I know but hey, the email made me feel better. Going forward I know this is going to work out. I just need to be patient and more trusting in CCRM. I know I am in good hands.


  1. You definitely are in good hands, and it's very hard to let go and not get involved. It's our future :-) I really don't think there's any harm by being proactive. I really hope there is no cyst next cycle but if there is it looks like they know what to do. BTW, I reeeeaaaaallly like Dr. Gustofson, great choice!!

  2. Krista - it's hard to put all of your trust for something so important in another person's hands, so don't be too hard on your self - it's natural to question things - even when you're dealing with the best of the best! And I highly doubt Annie is annoyed - I ask her a ton of questions all the time - I'm sure she knows how stressful all of this is for us.

  3. Hi there! I would think they would change your protocol now. Why would there not be a cyst doing the exact same thing....maybe your body always responds differently? Here's hoping your ovaries are as flat as a pancake next cycle.