Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holy Cow...CD1!

I had no idea when I posted yesterday that AF was even close to arriving. Yep, today is CD1. I can hardly believe it. Isn't it weird how in IF land we cheer on AF at times and beg for her to come. Anyways, I contacted our nurse this morning and will wait to see what she says. I am pretty sure I will start BCP's in 2 days and remain on them for 13 days again, then do U/S and bloodwork to make sure I have no cyst. I am not too confident in that I am pretty sure I will have a cyst but I am happy to know that if I do, they will change my protocol. I hope if works out this month, if it doesn't then we will probably have to wait even longer since CCRM is closed the beginning part of July. we go again!